Review and Inspect Your Home

After your lender has approved you for a loan and you’re ready to head to the closing table, remember that you need to re-inspect your home and ensure that it’s still in the same condition as it was when you agreed to buy it.

While it’s unlikely that there have been any major changes, it’s still in your best interests to run through it again… just to be safe.

You don’t have to bring your home inspector back out. Instead, you can walk through it yourself this time. Mainly, you’re looking at whether the seller completed any repairs or performed any of the services you agreed on

Here’s what you should do:

  • Check each light fixture by turning switches on and off
  • Run water in each sink (and look for leaks at the same time)
  • Flush each toilet
  • Test all of the appliances
  • Open and close all doors; make sure those with locks are able to lock
  • Run the garbage disposal and the exhaust fans
  • Test the heat and air conditioning
  • Check the ceilings, walls and floors
  • Open and close all of the windows
  • Make sure the house is clean

You’re almost finished with the home buying process by the time you do your final walk-through.

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